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Cloud Solutions LLC is a startup company that specializes in the development of state of the art web and mobile applications for emerging businesses. All of our engineers have a strong algorithmic background, excellent coding skills and rock-solid problem solving abilities - thus allowing us to develop unique, fast and engaging software solutions. All of our products follow high standards of quality and performance.

Our company offers: web design services and development of both cloud and mobile applications.

 Woohoo! We've been featured in an article by "The Institute" - IEEE's member publication. IEEE is the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology.

1. Cloud applications

Running applications in the cloud (off-premises) allows your business to focus on innovative projects, and not on how they operate. If your software is in the cloud, it can be used by anyone with a Web browser and a communications device that can connect to the Internet. Assuming that the user has a reasonably fast connection, a well-written cloud app offers all the interactivity of a desktop application along with the portability of a Web application.

Key benefits include: No Upfront Investment (paying for infrastructure monthly), Flexible (and practically unlimited) capacity, Global reach, and Speed.

2. Web design

Cloud Solutions LLC specializes in creating attractive, clean and modern web sites that both look beautiful and are powerful, fast, user friendly and engaging. We develop web applications using state of the art standards-based software and frameworks, following the latest principles and techniques in the field. Having an online web presence is very significant. Studies show that your web site is the first place customers go to learn more about your company. Don't be left out.

Technologies: Spring MVC, Play framework, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS, jQuery.

3. Mobile applications

The mobile market is expanding every day, and is currently worth billions of dollars. Mobile applications for smartphones are a great way to increase productivity, to engage your potential clients, to grow sales, or to increase your customer base. The engineers in our company create interesting, unique, fast and highly interactive solutions, that can transform how you do business in your company, or how you communicate with your clients.

Native, web and hybrid apps: We can create responsive websites that work across devices, native apps for one particular platform (for example, Android or iOS), or hybrid apps.

4. Casual games

Game development is the process by which a video game is produced. Our company can help you create simple yet engaging casual games, that can drive traffic to your website or company Facebook page. During development, we either use open source art, textures or sounds, or we outsource the production of game art. This allows us to focus on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable games for both desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Multiplayer games: In recent years, the industry has seen a huge shift towards games with multiplayer facilities. With our experience in web development, databases and big data, we can help you create games that work flawlessly on any platform.


We work on our own products, but we also work for other companies.

Project management software for a big company with branches in 80+ countries

Project and buyer management, reports, meetings, backups, e-mail notifications, and more

myProjects, a website for managing internal company projects

File storage, images, forums, calendars, product and sprint backlog, notifications, etc.

iMonitor, a software for monitoring web applications

Monitoring website uptime, problems, response time, content, social integration, etc...

Learning Management System, for delivery of e-learning education courses

File sharing, calendar, collaboration, badges, tests, user administration, notifications, reports, ...


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